X9 - Laser Cutting  more
Vigor - Laser Engraving  more
Amaya - Embroidery  more

Jan 10, 2005
Grand opening for new office & machine presentation.   more
Nov 16 - Nov 19, 2005
The 5th Vietnam International Knitting & Garment Industry Exhibition.  more
Oct 18 - Oct 20, 2005
YAFA ASIA 2005 in Singapore.  more

Tzen Tech is a privately held engineering company in Taipei, Taiwan, specializing in the design and manufacturing of machines for the garment and textile industry. Our products help companies worldwide reduce their manufacturing time and effort, save money and increase productivity.

Our main focus is on building machines that employ laser technology, such as the X9, a high-speed, multi-functional laser cutting machine, able to cut any type of fabric according to predefined designs. Or the Vigor, a laser engraving machines used to create designs onto your selected type of fabric with high accuracy, covering a huge surface area.

See our products page for more information on the products we have to offer or read more about who we are and what we can do to help you here.